Jul 202011

As a representative of the EXPLORER project I attended the Kultivate conference on 15th July. 

It was an excellent opportunity to talk to people about the project and to find out what Kultivate has been up to.  To find out more about Kultivate go to http://www.vads.ac.uk/kultur2group/projects/kultivate/.  My thanks to Marie-Therese for giving us the opportunity to join in.

Many discussions focused on how to display non-text outputs in repositories and it appears that the work we are doing on EXPLORER will be of help to other Dspace users in this area.  We are able to display Videos correctly within the repository and are working on other media formats.  Expect an update from Owen soon on this. 

Otherwise we are currently working on some new advocacy materials for DORA and reviewing policies and protocols.  The DMU website it currently being updated and DORA will be included in this later in the year.  More on this soon we hope.