Aug 192011

The project is proceeding well.  As stated in the technical posts we are continuing to work on a version of the Kultur plug-in for DSpace.  In addition we have been reviewing the outputs of other projects, notably IRRA and allaboutmeprints, to see what features we can include and adapt for DORA.  These are important to enable links to other DMU systems, most importantly the website.

The CERIF4REf plug-in has been avaliable for a while and we have shown that this will work with DORA. Some optimization work is to be carried out with DORA to get the correct information out in the correct format.

A review of the submission processes and documentation is underway.    Currently we have a mixture self-submission, submission via a dedicated person or via the Repository Manager. The idea is to unify the processes used across the University but retain several routes for submission to meet the needs of all users.  We are also developing new advocacy material and training options – we have a goal of gaining buy-in from all research staff and hope the new material will allow us to reach that goal.  The results of the survey continue to inform our planning and decision making.