Nov 162011

We have just completed a series of drop-in session in faculties around DMU.  These were very successful and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the new DORA which will be released by the end of the year.  This included that features from KULTUR to display non-text items.

A number of useful discussions were had and some valuable feedback was obtained which will be incorporating into DORA over time (some comments fell outside this project).  We also showed a number of people how to submit directly to DORA in line with the revised submission processes.  Our thanks go to those whoattended.

The project is now drawing to a close and the non-technical work is mostly complete with the main exception of the project reports and the final events.  Technical work is being finished off with a view to deployment in December.

An article about the project was published in ALISS quarterly in October – this has bee uploaded onto DORA if you are interested.