Dec 202011

The EXPLORER project is due to end at the end of this month.  We have achieved a lot over the course the of the project and our thanks goes to all those who have participated in events and activities, given feedback or helped us out.  My thanks as a Project Manager go the project team for all the hardwork they have put in.

The changes to DORA as a result of the work we have done will go live in early January.  These include the Kultur for DSpace.  The code and documentation for this will be made available via this blog and DORA as soon as possible in the New Year.  Hopefully it will be of use to the whole DSpace community and will also be made available in an appropriate way to them.

We are planning a launch event for the end of January to show case the work of the project and to introduce the changes.  The new DMU research webpages will go live later in 2012 and will include the final aspect of the project – the link from DORA directly to the new researcher profiles.  Further information will be made available to researchers at DMU in due course.

Copies of some of the new advocacy materials have been added to DORA and will be made available via this blog as soon as possible.  This blog will be maintained after the end of the project and all documentation and reports from the project added to DORA.

So again many thanks and keep an eye out for the new DORA in the New Year.