Dec 202011

The EXPLORER project is due to end at the end of this month.  We have achieved a lot over the course the of the project and our thanks goes to all those who have participated in events and activities, given feedback or helped us out.  My thanks as a Project Manager go the project team for all the hardwork they have put in.

The changes to DORA as a result of the work we have done will go live in early January.  These include the Kultur for DSpace.  The code and documentation for this will be made available via this blog and DORA as soon as possible in the New Year.  Hopefully it will be of use to the whole DSpace community and will also be made available in an appropriate way to them.

We are planning a launch event for the end of January to show case the work of the project and to introduce the changes.  The new DMU research webpages will go live later in 2012 and will include the final aspect of the project – the link from DORA directly to the new researcher profiles.  Further information will be made available to researchers at DMU in due course.

Copies of some of the new advocacy materials have been added to DORA and will be made available via this blog as soon as possible.  This blog will be maintained after the end of the project and all documentation and reports from the project added to DORA.

So again many thanks and keep an eye out for the new DORA in the New Year.

Nov 162011

We have just completed a series of drop-in session in faculties around DMU.  These were very successful and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the new DORA which will be released by the end of the year.  This included that features from KULTUR to display non-text items.

A number of useful discussions were had and some valuable feedback was obtained which will be incorporating into DORA over time (some comments fell outside this project).  We also showed a number of people how to submit directly to DORA in line with the revised submission processes.  Our thanks go to those whoattended.

The project is now drawing to a close and the non-technical work is mostly complete with the main exception of the project reports and the final events.  Technical work is being finished off with a view to deployment in December.

An article about the project was published in ALISS quarterly in October – this has bee uploaded onto DORA if you are interested.

Aug 192011

The project is proceeding well.  As stated in the technical posts we are continuing to work on a version of the Kultur plug-in for DSpace.  In addition we have been reviewing the outputs of other projects, notably IRRA and allaboutmeprints, to see what features we can include and adapt for DORA.  These are important to enable links to other DMU systems, most importantly the website.

The CERIF4REf plug-in has been avaliable for a while and we have shown that this will work with DORA. Some optimization work is to be carried out with DORA to get the correct information out in the correct format.

A review of the submission processes and documentation is underway.    Currently we have a mixture self-submission, submission via a dedicated person or via the Repository Manager. The idea is to unify the processes used across the University but retain several routes for submission to meet the needs of all users.  We are also developing new advocacy material and training options – we have a goal of gaining buy-in from all research staff and hope the new material will allow us to reach that goal.  The results of the survey continue to inform our planning and decision making.

Jul 202011

As a representative of the EXPLORER project I attended the Kultivate conference on 15th July. 

It was an excellent opportunity to talk to people about the project and to find out what Kultivate has been up to.  To find out more about Kultivate go to  My thanks to Marie-Therese for giving us the opportunity to join in.

Many discussions focused on how to display non-text outputs in repositories and it appears that the work we are doing on EXPLORER will be of help to other Dspace users in this area.  We are able to display Videos correctly within the repository and are working on other media formats.  Expect an update from Owen soon on this. 

Otherwise we are currently working on some new advocacy materials for DORA and reviewing policies and protocols.  The DMU website it currently being updated and DORA will be included in this later in the year.  More on this soon we hope.

Jun 072011

We had a very useful meeting with Laurian from the RSP last week. It was helpful to discuss our progress and findings so far. Laurian said she will be blogging in detail about the meeting so I will post a link when she has.

It is now confirmed that the JISCrte projects will be having their mid-term meeting in Edinburgh in August. Alan will be attending – this is a useful opportunity to talk to the other projects in out funding stream as well as share our findings with people attending the Repository Fringe.

I will also be attending the Kultivate end of project event in July and giving information about EXPLORER. I look forward to some useful discussions.

Otherwise the work is progressing nicely. Technically we are looking at how to integrate non-text outputs better within DORA and incorporating the CERIF4REF tool which will enable DORA to link with the REF admission system when it arrives. An updated advocacy strategy and materials are being drafted to support the enhancements to DORA.

May 192011

The results of the survey are now available in DORA. Please follow the link on the documents page.

We will be looking at this in conjunction with the work of other JISC projects to produce a model for taking DORA forward. This will include an advocacy plan, a review of policy and processes and new documentation where appropriate.

Technically, we are working on the display of non-text items in DORA as for the Kultur project.

May 042011

Thanks to all who completed the survery and attended the focus groups

The survey is now closed. We have had 81 responses which is excellent.

We are now looking at your responses and comments and will get back with the findings as soon as possible.

Apr 192011

To date we have 78 complete responses to the survey – thank you so much to those who have completed it.

It will remain open until April 30th so plenty of time left!

We have also have two meetings of the Focus Group which have been useful but we would love to talk to more people.  If you want to contact us directly to have a chat that would be great.  We are looking to have another group session soon.

After Easter we will be combining all the responses and comments we have had.  We will report our findings soon.

Apr 012011

The Survey is now live:

DORA (De Montfort Open Research Archive) Online Survey 2011

Feedback to enhance the capabilities of DORA for Researchers

DORA is the University’s repository for research outputs (full explanation below)

DORA recently obtained funding from JISC for the EXPLORER project which is working to enhance the capabilities of DORA by: 

*        Making it more user friendly

*        Accessible to all

*        Clearly outlining the benefits of the system to Researchers

As part of the project we are carrying out an online survey, focused on gathering information relating to current usage, possible enhancements and future requirements.  We appreciate all your feedback and would ask that you forward this email to any research and related staff to complete this questionnaire even it they have had little or no contact with DORA.

The survey will take about five minutes to complete and can be found at:

Many thanks for your participation

Elizabeth Lunt

Project Manager


Mar 292011

This is of interest with reference to the work being done by RSP and JISC on open access repositories:

There is no mandate for DORA to contain full-text copies of all outputs although it is encouraged where it does not contravene copyright.

The first couple of comments on the article are also interesting.